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Authorized Distributors

This is an official list of our Authorized Distributors all around the world, countries are listed alphabetically by region. This list is updated periodically, last update on May the 1st, 2019

We hereby confirm that Authorized Distributors have the knowledge and the capabilities to bring your solutions to market.

Machine Mind Authorized Distributors sell our Software as Service products and other services sourced directly from us. They offer a broad suite of benefits including world-class customer service, credit, technical support, promotions, logistics and proper training.

If your organization wants to become an authorized distributor of Machine MInd – please contact us to present the terms of cooperation and the required criteria

Republic of Poland

Company name: SYNTEO

Address: Kwiatkowskiego street 9 / 107 , 37-450 Stalowa Wola

Registered in Poland no/REGON: 180530511

Website: synteo.com.pl

Mail: biuro@synteo.com.pl

Role: Authorized Distributor and Support Partner

Phone: +48 796 950 400

Languages spoken: Polish, English