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PRIAM – Analytical Engine

Pattern Recognition Intelligence…and Marketing

Greek mythology  introduces Priam – last king of Troy – as the father of Cassandra, which was able to predict the future.

We have decided to use the name of P.R.I.A.M for our analytical engine  as something superior to accurate future predictions.

Our goal was to create a pattern recognition  and classification engine which is able to analyze the Generic stream of events and provide useful insights to the business in Real time.

The example of uch a generic event could be a financial transaction, a log event in the SIEM system, purchase in an Internet shop, a visit on a webpage, or an internet search. In general the event is any activity or action performed in certain moment (or time period) described by one or more properties (event payload) 

Thanks to Machine learning  will be able to answer the question about the probability of occurring another event in the future.

There are many applications of our engine in almost every sector of industry and business services

It could be successfully implemented in the following applications: 

  • Suggestion engines in e-commerce and in sales general
  • Anti-money laundering Class system for financial institutions 
  • Fraud detection systems improvement
  • Internet Marketing and SEO insights
  • SIEM system data analytics
  • Logistics 
  • Management 
  • Behavioral prediction 
  • Weather forecasting
  • Sociology and social engineering

One of the things that makes our products special is to combine classification and machine learning in two stage processes.

We don’t treat all events in the same way. In the first stage we analyze historical events and make classification of each stream by grouping and combining similar parameters,  setting boundaries aggregations and data filtering.

This process is semi-automatic and requires some human work to describe the nature of such a generic stream of events. 

We called this process data tuning and it is crucial for future model accuracy and overall engine performance. 

Well prepared and trained  data scientists describe the nature of data by providing such information like the time resolution of the events and the nature of data (types, dictionaries, mappings) 

Prepared description of the stream is very useful for our models to find anomalies, train and classify next incoming input. 

Our unique approach requires to mix the different types of neural networks we use that lstm networks and CCM networks and deep learning algorithms.

If you are interested in detail about our engine and its capabilities please feel free to contact our office.

Real life solutions implemented on our AI engine

One of the first projects that the analytical engine found us was the analysis of data from Google Search Console.

Google provides the website owner with information on how its search index is used in the context of the website.

We can obtain a data stream on how our website was found on the Internet by users using the Google search engine.

We have access to keywords, phrases, location and type of end device.

These data are aggregated, anonymous but stretched over time and due to the fact that they meet the requirements of the PRIAM engine – we can load them into our analytical engine.

The main purpose of using our analytical engine for this data was to try to answer the question:

Which phrases or landing pages have the greatest growth potential in relation to the competition, their current position, etc.

The answer to this question is crucial from the point of view of an SEO analyst and consultant who advises his clients on optimization activities on the website or in the online store.

Thanks to the use of our tool, our Google Search Console audit service has gained a powerful tool and an advantage over the competition.

We can analyze huge data sets in a fraction of a second and obtain from them very desirable indications of great business value from the point of view of internet marketing and SEO.

If you are interested in auditing and consulting data from Google search Console and the services of our SEO consultants and analysts – please visit the website at:


Of course, the analysis of Google search console data is not the only use of our engine.

As we mentioned before, the areas of its application are practically unlimited.

We will inform you about further projects implemented on the basis of our engine – provided that our clients do not reserve the right to keep this information secret.