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The Platform

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Software as Service Integration Platform – meet the Hyperflow

Our flagship product is called the HyperFlow Analytics Platform. It is a superior integration & analytics cloud platform that allows developers to provide & offer their own services in one integrated cloud environment with optional access to other third-party resources.

With out-of-the-box integration mechanism available – our platform is great for developers that wish to integrate with it’s resources.

Hyperflow – home dashboard
SaaS order management

The main (build-in) features of Hyperflow includes:

  • User interface integration (GUI Integration)
  • Business logic integration (REST, SOAP, DB-direct)
  • Businesses logic routing and aggregation on application level.
  • API for all attached services
  • API Key management on service level
  • Event distribution (subscription model)
  • Multi-level permission management
  • Request and time-period billing system and invoicing
  • Dynamic structures modeling – Data warehousing
  • Cross platform – Responsive Web Interface
  • Trail and demo management

Our services on Hyperflow platform

As a Machine Mind we are not only responsible for the platform itself – we are also developers and service providers.

We offer our own services for business, finance, KYC, AML, Data quality, compliance and more.

On the platform you can find complete applications with user interface in SasS model and a middleware software components like APIs for your own applications.
Trying out available services or buying them is as easy as shopping in an online store. We aspire to be “Amazon in the SaaS World”

All our services and data are available in one integrated cloud environment that could give you outstanding synergy from combining data flows from many sources.

This is why Hyperflow is great solution for better data analyzes and real, effective integration platform.