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Hyperflow Partnership Program

How to make money as software developer?

If you are a software developer and you look for a way to sellĀ  your great API or Web Application – the Hyperflow Partnership Program (HPP) may be suitable to you.

We helps developers (both individuals and business) to monetize their services and outsource software as service sales process.

Our platform allows you to outsource the following processes in the SaaS supply chain:

  • Software Quotations (multi language)
  • International Landing page execution
  • License ordering
  • Billing (time or request based)
  • SaaS Invoicing & VAT processing
  • Reporting for sales, tax, customer churn and more
  • Terms of service management
  • Consent processing and management
  • API Key management
  • Automated API testing
  • Sandbox environment
  • Customer Relationship Management Outsourcing
  • Public Relations and communication channels

The scale of your service doesn’t matter – you can be single freelancer, a start-up or a grown enterprise.

You can choose a billing method you want to use.

We can provide your SaaS solution to your customers and charge them for each API request or sell them a time license (for example monthly fee) You are in charge of the pricing policy and terms of service. We give you best possible law consultancy with the terms of service you provide.

We take care of all the sales process and you can focus on the best you can do – programming and making your software better.

The list of benefit in the Hyperflow Partnership Program is quite long. First: being a part of big scalable SaaS service directory means better chance to meet new customer. Next: now you will be able strengthen your current market position and conquer new markets (offshore, international customers)

Moreover – we are taking care of marketing and advertising of your services. Another advantage is customer feedback and an opportunity to make your product better by:

  • integration with other services
  • making it more convenient for customers

Free software testing and security audits.

We are taking our work very seriously and we wish to help your with all possible matters.

That is why before you will be accepted to HPP we will test your software for performance and security vulnerabilities and lacks of functionality for free.

Our developers team could also help you with porting your software solution into cloud environment. Please refer to integration case study for practical examples and apply for the program if you are ready.